Solo Stove? OK!

I bit the bullet. After a friend of ours (aww, you reading that? We have a friend!) (Not anymore after that blow up)… … someone we knew recently got a new firepit. Solostove ranger. AWESOME. Had to get one. I just bought a pellet pit (flamegenie) and I’m obsessed with the secondary burn. Its great. It’s hot. Im cold. Lets do this. Purchased the stove and it got here today. Wonderful first burn. I placed it on 5 bricks to keep it off the ground to help with ventilation. Only issue is that it burns so hot and I don’t want to pour water on it when I’m done so I’m spraying it with water, but its evaporating. So still embers. Will need to figure out a lid for it. Probably a metal garbage can lid so I can leave it and be confident that it won’t start any fires. Either way, good move. Now time to go pick up a half cord and we’ll be good to go.

Dis-connect Day

Leadership @br doing their thing again. Had a “disconnect” day, so I decided to record my hike, record some quick videos, and take…

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Election anxiety? Sure. But it’s not just that.

Maybe it’s the culmination of the election, covid issues (stress from all wondering why people insist on not wearing masks, the challenge of not knowing what the right thing to do with my son is during this school year, , etc), or work during these times, that are seeming to drive me to be a poor sleeper.

I saw people blocked a few bridges tonight because they support the president. Im not exactly sure if they were trying to get more people to vote red, but it doesn’t really seem like a good recruitment tool. /sigh

Had a good day today with dexter. Beyblades, quick trip to the pet store, and we got to lay on the couch for a few and just chat. He’s such a good little dude.

Well, it’s 230am and I have a big day tomorrow so Im gonna stop there. A bit of a different post than I normally do but I need to keep with this and if casual is the way then casual it is.

These are the days I live for (in my work life)…

An early stressful morning in the house with the family.  It started out like this:

  • DB – “Dexter, eat your oatmeal! I have to go to the big city today! Then I’m off to Florida!”
  • GB – “Dishes are in the sink. I thought you were going to do them this morning?”
  • Dex – “Daddy, my oatmeal is pink.”
  • DB – “Wait, I thought you meant you were going to do them before [cleaning help] gets here?”
  • Dex – “I don’t want this. It’s piiink oatmeeaaal.”
  • GB – “No, that’s not how I said it.”
  • DB – “But then who is making lunch?”
  • GB – “I’ll do it. Just do the dishes before she gets here.”
  • DB – “Ok. After my shower and I finish packing. Gotta get out in 20 min.”
  • Dex – “My oatmeal is pink still…”
  • GB – “I got this.”

She’s the best.  And these are the best days. Team effort at home, collaborative and successful meeting at work. Racing off to another two down in Florida and some exciting custom demos at the end of the week. Things really are feeling great. Yes, there is the stress of it all, but that keeps me on my toes. As long as GB holds up, I’m good.

This post was written far before Covid. Obviously I haven’t been keeping up with the site, but I thought it sounded like a fun day. Obviously no travel to Florida at the time of this posting. 🙂

Get out while you can, haha!

After hearing that, I quickly glanced up from looking that the latest trashy tabloid while trying to balance the overflowing arm cart (yeah, the basket) at the local ShopRite. “Hm, that was an interesting comment,” I thought to myself.

“Yeah, sorry. I work in the industry. It can suck you in. The managers here are great, but you don’t want to get stuck in grocery your whole life.” The woman ahead of me in line continued on.

“It’s my first job. It’s not so bad.”

The cashier was a really good guy. Trying to make small talk with the customers, politely nudging the gentleman helping bag groceries while fending him off from the woman as he was getting a little too uncomfortably close while reaching inside the already carted cooked lobster she had just purchased so he could have a look at it. Yes, I’m pretty sure he picked it up again, but whatever. Harmless.

Back to the woman. I could not believe that she would right away tell this incoming high school senior to get out as soon as possible. Maybe she heard herself say it when she went on about how she knew the store managers and some of the cashier’s bosses, but you could see the cashier was taken aback a tiny bit, and the poor guy that was helping bag, both of who might be working at the grocery store for a long time. Don’t tell someone the job they are doing isn’t fun or won’t be fun. I won’t say that she was the least bit encouraging, but she could have been a bit more encouraging or excited, especially since the cashier just let you know it is his first job.

Anyway, I just thought she could have been a bit more encouraging to him. Sure, I appreciate people being straightforward with me, but know your audiences. Hey, maybe that cachier is the next Joe Coulombe!  I sure hope so!

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