Get out while you can, haha!

After hearing that, I quickly glanced up from looking that the latest trashy tabloid while trying to balance the overflowing arm cart (yeah, the basket) at the local ShopRite. “Hm, that was an interesting comment,” I thought to myself.

“Yeah, sorry. I work in the industry. It can suck you in. The managers here are great, but you don’t want to get stuck in grocery your whole life.” The woman ahead of me in line continued on.

“It’s my first job. It’s not so bad.”

The cashier was a really good guy. Trying to make small talk with the customers, politely nudging the gentleman helping bag groceries while fending him off from the woman as he was getting a little too uncomfortably close while reaching inside the already carted cooked lobster she had just purchased so he could have a look at it. Yes, I’m pretty sure he picked it up again, but whatever. Harmless.

Back to the woman. I could not believe that she would right away tell this incoming high school senior to get out as soon as possible. Maybe she heard herself say it when she went on about how she knew the store managers and some of the cashier’s bosses, […]

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Always have fun…

As it is becoming tradition, I recently went to the town fair with the family. Oakland puts on a spectacular fireworks show, has a few rides, fundraising refreshment stands and games, you know the deal. Overall it’s a great family atmosphere at the recreation complex.

Last year the family watched (and laughed at) my father in law as he went on some ridiculous spinning up in the air, twisting turning crazy-creaky-clackity fold-up-into-a-truck-that-you-will-occasionally-see-on-the highway-and-vow-you-will-never-ride-one-of-those-rides type carnival ride. Again, we laughed at him, but at the expense of a pair of glasses, he had a blast.

Fast-forward to this year: a last minute unlimited ride wristband (one for me and one for Dexter), a short line at “the Paratrooper”, and my father in law looking at me with tickets in hand asking if I’m going on. After quickly contemplating if I should worry about why the ride sounds like a 1986 Corolla with the original brakes, I hopped on The Paratrooper, and up and away over the baseball fields we went. A bit scary since I haven’t been on a ‘serious’ carnival ride in a long time, but it was fun nonetheless. I’m a rollercoaster person and can handle most any ride (or at […]

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Sometimes you need to just take it slow… OR REALLY FAST ON A MONSTER TRUCK!!

Today was a good day. After much anticipation, it was Monster Jam day with my son at Metlife Stadium. I’ve been working quite a bit lately and I wanted to spend a full day with him. I went a little overboard with the purchases, but it was worth it. Yeah, the trucks were cool, but the whole point was to spend time with him and see him having a good time. Mission accomplished. We had the fortune of going for a ride on Grave Digger before the event began. I think he’ll be talking about it for a few years. The weather couldn’t have been better and the seats we had were awesome. This will probably be our last Monster Jam (we’ve been to two total) and I think that once you have seen an indoor one (don’t do that) and an outdoor one (do that if you have to go to a Monster Jam) you don’t really need to see any more. Outdoor Monster Jam > indoor monsterjam..

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What this is… or what this is not. What I can tell you is, I’m not sure.

Since I’m not so sure what this is going to be, I will start off saying what it is not. Then, we’ll see what kind of thoughts get written down. I’m not committing to cadence (yeah, don’t look forward to hearing about my life. You’ll be disappointed, even if the posts are frequent) and since I’ve had this domain for a few years now purely for email, I am clearly lacking for ideas.

Furthermore, this site will not be:

  • a recipe site that makes you scroll 14 pages to get the actual recipe. Thanks for all that scrolling, now I can eat an extra carb.
  • a place for me to rant about annoying people around me.
  • a place for me to post pictures of me and my family.
  • a place for you to find self-proclaimed mastery of my professional work.*
  • a place for pure enlightenment. Go read the Bible if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • a place where I care about punctuation and capitalization much.
  • a mommy blog.
  • an aggregation of all the social media posts I “like” or ‘favorite’.
  • a place for me to rant on bad travel days.**

That’s about it for now. I’ll be tidying up around here a bit. Not […]

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