Treadmill Success

As my cousin calls it, and I’m sure many others as well, THE DREADMILL. Well, some people don’t like it, others live it. I happen to have a love hate relationship with it, but today, I love it. I have very inconsistent benchmarks with my workouts, but one that always seems to be a good measure of success both psychologically and physically seems to be the 7 minute mile. And today I’ve broken it yet again. Not the most bragadocious achievement for everyone, but for me, at my current weight hovering just over 245lb, I’m quite pleased. I hit the mile at 6:55, which puts me at a 6:55 pace (ha), and average speed of 8.675mph. That’s great!

My next goal is to break 6:30, which won’t be easy (that’s a 9.231 pace), but it’s achievable in the not so distant future.

David Boyd

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