Since I’m not so sure what this is going to be, I will start off saying what it is not. Then, we’ll see what kind of thoughts get written down. I’m not committing to cadence (yeah, don’t look forward to hearing about my life. You’ll be disappointed, even if the posts are frequent) and since I’ve had this domain for a few years now purely for email, I am clearly lacking for ideas.

Furthermore, this site will not be:

  • a recipe site that makes you scroll 14 pages to get the actual recipe. Thanks for all that scrolling, now I can eat an extra carb.
  • a place for me to rant about annoying people around me.
  • a place for me to post pictures of me and my family.
  • a place for you to find self-proclaimed mastery of my professional work.*
  • a place for pure enlightenment. Go read the Bible if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • a place where I care about punctuation and capitalization much.
  • a mommy blog.
  • an aggregation of all the social media posts I “like” or ‘favorite’.
  • a place for me to rant on bad travel days.**

That’s about it for now. I’ll be tidying up around here a bit. Not that I care if you care.

See, this will be fun.

*There may be some work posts.
**If I do rant about travel, leave me alone. It’s usually warranted.