Today was a good day. After much anticipation, it was Monster Jam day with my son at Metlife Stadium. I’ve been working quite a bit lately and I wanted to spend a full day with him. I went a little overboard with the purchases, but it was worth it. Yeah, the trucks were cool, but the whole point was to spend time with him and see him having a good time. Mission accomplished. We had the fortune of going for a ride on Grave Digger before the event began. I think he’ll be talking about it for a few years. The weather couldn’t have been better and the seats we had were awesome. This will probably be our last Monster Jam (we’ve been to two total) and I think that once you have seen an indoor one (don’t do that) and an outdoor one (do that if you have to go to a Monster Jam) you don’t really need to see any more. Outdoor Monster Jam > indoor monsterjam..