Get out while you can, haha!

After hearing that, I quickly glanced up from looking that the latest trashy tabloid while trying to balance the overflowing arm cart (yeah, the basket) at the local ShopRite. “Hm, that was an interesting comment,” I thought to myself.

“Yeah, sorry. I work in the industry. It can suck you in. The managers here are great, but you don’t want to get stuck in grocery your whole life.” The woman ahead of me in line continued on.

“It’s my first job. It’s not so bad.”

The cashier was a really good guy. Trying to make small talk with the customers, politely nudging the gentleman helping bag groceries while fending him off from the woman as he was getting a little too uncomfortably close while reaching inside the already carted cooked lobster she had just purchased so he could have a look at it. Yes, I’m pretty sure he picked it up again, but whatever. Harmless.

Back to the woman. I could not believe that she would right away tell this incoming high school senior to get out as soon as possible. Maybe she heard herself say it when she went on about how she knew the store managers and some of the cashier’s bosses, but you could see the cashier was taken aback a tiny bit, and the poor guy that was helping bag, both of who might be working at the grocery store for a long time. Don’t tell someone the job they are doing isn’t fun or won’t be fun. I won’t say that she was the least bit encouraging, but she could have been a bit more encouraging or excited, especially since the cashier just let you know it is his first job.

Anyway, I just thought she could have been a bit more encouraging to him. Sure, I appreciate people being straightforward with me, but know your audiences. Hey, maybe that cachier is the next Joe Coulombe!  I sure hope so!