These are the days I live for (in my work life)…

An early stressful morning in the house with the family.  It started out like this:

  • DB – “Dexter, eat your oatmeal! I have to go to the big city today! Then I’m off to Florida!”
  • GB – “Dishes are in the sink. I thought you were going to do them this morning?”
  • Dex – “Daddy, my oatmeal is pink.”
  • DB – “Wait, I thought you meant you were going to do them before [cleaning help] gets here?”
  • Dex – “I don’t want this. It’s piiink oatmeeaaal.”
  • GB – “No, that’s not how I said it.”
  • DB – “But then who is making lunch?”
  • GB – “I’ll do it. Just do the dishes before she gets here.”
  • DB – “Ok. After my shower and I finish packing. Gotta get out in 20 min.”
  • Dex – “My oatmeal is pink still…”
  • GB – “I got this.”

She’s the best.  And these are the best days. Team effort at home, collaborative and successful meeting at work. Racing off to another two down in Florida and some exciting custom demos at the end of the week. Things really are feeling great. Yes, there is the stress of it all, but that keeps me on my toes. As long as GB holds up, I’m good.

This post was written far before Covid. Obviously I haven’t been keeping up with the site, but I thought it sounded like a fun day. Obviously no travel to Florida at the time of this posting. 🙂

David Boyd

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