Election anxiety? Sure. But it’s not just that.

Maybe it’s the culmination of the election, covid issues (stress from all wondering why people insist on not wearing masks, the challenge of not knowing what the right thing to do with my son is during this school year, , etc), or work during these times, that are seeming to drive me to be a poor sleeper.

I saw people blocked a few bridges tonight because they support the president. Im not exactly sure if they were trying to get more people to vote red, but it doesn’t really seem like a good recruitment tool. /sigh

Had a good day today with dexter. Beyblades, quick trip to the pet store, and we got to lay on the couch for a few and just chat. He’s such a good little dude.

Well, it’s 230am and I have a big day tomorrow so Im gonna stop there. A bit of a different post than I normally do but I need to keep with this and if casual is the way then casual it is.

David Boyd

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