Solo Stove? OK!

I bit the bullet. After a friend of ours (aww, you reading that? We have a friend!) (Not anymore after that blow up)… … someone we knew recently got a new firepit. Solostove ranger. AWESOME. Had to get one. I just bought a pellet pit (flamegenie) and I’m obsessed with the secondary burn. Its great. It’s hot. Im cold. Lets do this. Purchased the stove and it got here today. Wonderful first burn. I placed it on 5 bricks to keep it off the ground to help with ventilation. Only issue is that it burns so hot and I don’t want to pour water on it when I’m done so I’m spraying it with water, but its evaporating. So still embers. Will need to figure out a lid for it. Probably a metal garbage can lid so I can leave it and be confident that it won’t start any fires. Either way, good move. Now time to go pick up a half cord and we’ll be good to go.

David Boyd

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